WordPress Tips When You’ve gone Self Hosted

I have seen a few people ask questions about various WordPress issues after going self hosted.  I thought I’d just write a little post highlighting a few things I have worked out along the way.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

These are 2 separate things. When you go self hosted, your site is in effect duplicated. One SH, the other the old one.  Essentially .org is your self-hosted WP site and .com is your old, non SH site. However wordpress.com comes with a profile and you comment on other blogs using this profile NOT your .org log in.  You use Jetpack to link your .org to your .com profile.

Amend Your WordPress Profile

You need to change your WP profile.  Essentially you need to change your Primary blog to your SH blog.  This will mean when you comment on other blogs using your WP sign in it will direct people to your SH blog instead of your now defunct .com blog.


Go to Settings and Change your Primary Blog to your new SH blog address

Signing in to Comment on other blogs using WordPress

When signing in to comment on

a blog, for some reason I have to put in my blog name (tealadymumbles) rather than my actual username, or else it doesn’t work.


I have to input my blog name rather than my username when commenting on blogs

When you go SH, and install WordPress,  I advise waiting 48hrs before doing anything.  It takes that long for servers to update and it just means things don’t get muddled.

Issues with commenting, your Publicise Links or the WordPress App

If you have any issues using the WP app or commenting or if you find your Twitter and Facebook links to post your content aren’t working,  you probably need to deactivate then reactivate jetpack.

Importing Your Old Blog to Your New Blog – No Pictures?

I have had to import my blog several times due to various issues. Sometimes, even if you say to import all posts comments and pictures, you will find your pictures will not be imported.

However, what I have found (having done it manually several times before this!), is that if you upload your pictures to your new media Library, they should populate themselves within your posts, without having to do this manually. This is of course if you have all your photos! I now have a folder with all mine in so I can just upload them all to my media library if I have to do it again.

Other Things To Consider:


You can email Bloglovin to merge your blogs on there so that you keep all your followers from your old blog.

Email Subs

Unfortunately you lose all your subscribers and all you can do is post on old blog asking them to sign up to new blog. Some people use other apps for their email subscriptions but I just haven’t bothered.


You will lose all your stats when you go SH. Essentially you are starting again.  I signed up to Google Analytics when I went SH as then if I had to deactivate jetpack etc I still had a record of my stats.


You need to change your blog address in your profile on Tots100. You will lose your ranking and it will take a few months for it to get back to where you were.

Blog Badge

Remember to change the address on your blog badge!

Back Up!

Back up either via tools-export-save file to computer (always save with the date) or use a plugin to back up.  Either way don’t update your blog or change anything before backing up.


Keep a word or wordpad document with all your widgets on, much easier to cut and paste if you lose your widgets and need to upload them again.

Also, I only recently realised you can put more than one widget into each Text/HTML widget box. This means you can group widgets together, such as badges, follow me icons etc.  As I have done over here —————>

Hope I’ve Been Helpful!

I hope that this has been useful. This is all that I have worked out myself, and how I have done things. I’m not saying this is the easiest or quickest or the correct way to do things, but it is how I have worked things out and it seems to work! Any other questions or queries, please ask and I’ll see if I have come across this issue myself!

6 thoughts on “WordPress Tips When You’ve gone Self Hosted

    1. Emma T

      I did a guided transfer. My followers came with me (as the old blog .com redirected to the new SH one), but the stats stop as it’s based on different web addresses.


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