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My Week

This week I have had Dan at home which has not been very good at all. He hinders me (diet wise) at every corner, and breakfast, lunch and dinner goes out of the window.

I have been feeling a bit down these last few weeks, thinking of work, and other things that have got me stressed. Food has really gone downhill, and a few takeaways have crept in.

I weigh 15 stone 2 and a half pounds today. I am disgusted with myself. I have never been this heavy. I usually have my weight under control, even if I let it slip. This is the longest I have ever been not on a diet, on a set plan. I am not upset about my weight anymore, just disappointed. I know I can sort this out, I just have to DO it.

My issue is that I want to join slimming world again, but I am struggling to get to the groups. One is at 9.30am, I thought I could get ready in time but so far this has not been possible! The other is at 5.30, and yes I could get there but I just havent been able to. Leaving the house seems a bit of a problem for me at the minute. Also, the cost. Things are getting tighter as my Maternity Leave money runs out. So paying £5 a week is not ideal.

Therefore, I may look online. I did WW online, and at the time it was about £10 a month, so if it is still around that price, that would be the cheapest way for me to get some support and stay on a plan. I have done weight watchers before, I enjoyed it, but I felt I had to be much stricter and being limited by points was difficult, but maybe that’s what I need to reign me in.

Anyway, I hope you all have had great weeks, and can inspire me yet again! I promise you I am really committed to this, I am going to put the effort in, and together we can get somewhere.


Oh, and if you want to be scared, it’s about 15 weeks to CHRISTMAS! So we have 15 weeks to get slinky for the festive season. That’s plenty of time for us to get sorted. I am hoping to lose at least half a stone before Christmas. Do you have a goal that you want to achieve before then?


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2 thoughts on “Slinky Linky 13.9.13

  1. tiasmum12

    Oh lovely! First things first, stop beating yourself up about it please.
    You know you what you want to do, you just need to do it and remember that only you can.
    A few simple changes can make such a difference, swap white bread for brown, drink plenty of water and cut out all fizzy drinks.
    I know what you mean about the groups, had to quit my SW group as couldn’t really afford the £20 a month and that’s when I started gong downhill.

    Good luck lovely lady! You can do it!!


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