New Year, New Me, Again

New Year, New Me….Again

Yes, it is almost the 1st of January, and time for my New Years Resolutions. Yet again this year my resolution is to lose weight and get fit. Again.

But this time, I am going to do it.

I am going to do it with your help, twitter’s help, and most of all, my self. I have to do it for myself.

I know what to do. I have lost weight sucessfully, several times. Having a baby literally knocked all of that on the head, but I am determined. Most of all, because I want to be healthy for Bubs, and I want to be healthy in case I want another baby. I also do not want to be like my Mum, who has struggled with her weight most of her life.

So, what am I going to do about it?

First of all, I am going to eat healthily. I may join a slimming group, but I know what I have to do. I am going to make sure I eat my 5-a-day, have vegtables at every meal, and only snack on fruit between meals. I am going to write a food diary to monitor myself. I know what I need to cut back on – biscuits, chocolates, crisps, processed food. I need to say ‘No’ to midweek takeaways.

I am going to utilise my slow cooker and get orgnaised – I’ll be working 4 days a week from now on, so I need to make sure I get the dinner in the slow cooker before I leave for work, and prep the veg the night before.

I know I will need some ‘treats’, I need to make these more about ‘me time’ such as getting my hair and nails done, rather than equate a treat = food.

Dan wouldnt be able to cope without a takeaway every now and then, so once a month I will have a takeaway but make a healthier choice as much as possible and fill up my plate with veg from home, for example.

I am also going to cut down on how much alcohol I drink. Not only does alcohol contains lots of empty calories, the effects it has on your body is something I am concerned about. I am taking part in Love Your Liver, and this is helping me control my alcohol intake, and also prompting me to eat healthier and get moving.

I am going to use tools available to me, absolutely free, through the wonder of the internet.

The Coca-Cola Work it Out Calculator helps to work out how much activity you would have to do to burn off the calories you consume – for example, if I drank a can of coke, I would have to vaccum for 51 minutes to burn off the 139 calories it contains. It includes all sort of suggestions for getting active, as well as informaiton about calories, nutrution and GDA’s. I think it’s a great idea and it helps you see the link between what you eat and drink, and the need to be active. They also have a great caffiene calcultor to help you monitor your caffiene intake – great if you are pregnant or just watching how much caffiene you are consuming.

Other apps and tools I intend to use are My Fitness Pal, and there are some lovely groups on facebook that support weight loss.

What tools do you use online to help you keep fit and lose weight?

I have signed up for Tap Dancing lessons! They start 6th January and I couldn’t be more excited. What better way to get fit then to learn how to dance! I am getting all strictly come dancing! I am so excited and I hope I have found something I can learn, get fit and most of all enjoy.

I am also going to go to the gym, but I haven’t quite worked out the logistics of this yet. I may go swimming or start the gym again.

So this may be yet another year of the same New Years Resolution, but this year I am ready for it, I am ready to take this challenge on, and do it for me.

If you too are going to lose weight this year, let me know, let’s do this together!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Me, Again

  1. mylittledreamworld1

    You can do it!
    I always found stir fry a good option for when I got home and wanted something quick – I used to buy already cooked chicken too if adding meat to it, then it only took 10 mins to make.
    Working and being healthy is hard with children, but it can be
    mylittledreamworld1 recently posted…Post Xmas craftsMy Profile


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