Is it coz I’m cool?

As I was driving along to the sounds of Radio One, I was feeling pretty good. The were a few dancey tunes on that I love, the sun was shining and I was feeling pretty awesome.

You know The Awesome you feel when you’re in a car on your own, singing songs and imagining a life of parties, champagne and excess. Yes, in the car you can be anyone you want to be. In your Awesome zone, you could just drive off anywhere you want, and do anything you want. I was that person for 5 minutes.

But then this really awful song, something about German Whips (no idea), came on and the screechy beat made me want to vomit. I felt like I was getting a headache.

And then, they started talking about momentous times in your life, and one suggestion was passing your GCSEs.

My brain couldn’t compute.

I felt really, really old all of a sudden. My car facade was slipping.

Cue slow motion action of me switching the radio over……to RADIO TWO.

My throat was dry, my heart was heavy. What had I done?

Argh! What am I becoming?

The problem is, I’ve always been a very cool person in my head. I’ve always liked new music, dance music and kept up to date with my knowledge of popular TV shows and bbc three comedies. I do genuinely like things that are a little left-field, a bit different. I don’t like following the crowds.

in my head I know exactly what clubs or bars I’d go to if I ever actually went and I know what I’d wear as in my head I am not fat. In my head, I’m like Annie Mac without the big hair and DJ skills.

When I’m driving around, I am not Emily the slightly plump 30 year old first time mum, I am Emily, the cool hipster person who works hard, parties harder and works to live her partay lifestyle.

So yesterday I sort of felt a bit deflated, once I’d got out of the car. My bubble had burst. I felt old, and almost felt like saying “it was better in my day”.

I need to get my car mojo back.

25 thoughts on “Is it coz I’m cool?

  1. Stella Branch

    Well that makes me feel ancient! I have older kids so am introduced to newer music quite a lot. I go to concerts and listen to new artists as well as older ones. My opinion is “If you like it, listen to it!” – That’s what makes you cool!

  2. laura redburn

    i’m only 27 and i generally can’t stand ‘modern’ music, and by that i mean mostly music in the charts. i’ve felt that way since being a kid though, and i feel no shame! just be your happy car self & if you don’t like a (annoying) song that comes on, there’s no shame changing stations, is there? if something makes you feel good, if only for a moment, that’s what really matters 🙂

  3. Rollercoaster Mum

    Haha – I so know that feeling in the car (both the cool bit and the bit where you think you must be the only person listening who isn’t 16!) However I am now over the big *ahem* 40 so I have listened mainly to Radio 2 for years – and you know what some of it is pretty cool!

  4. Helen @ Peakle Pie

    I love this – we have listened to Radio 2 for ages – although we have started listening to Smooth as well! Best thing to get your car AWESOME mojo back is to stick your fav CD in the player and turn up the volume!

  5. Kirsty

    Your car journeys sound very cool. I often forget to stop the Chris & Pui CD, even when the little is not in the car, and I am often found bouncing along to Folk Night on Radio 2 or Jamie Cullum’s Jazz Hour. I have slumped into an abyss and you are no way there yet so be strong x

  6. Franglaise Mummy

    That is one of the only things I miss about when we used to have a car (we got rid of ours when we moved to London) the escapism of singing along as you drive around – you’re not really allowed to do that on public transport! I recently gave in to the fact that Radio 1 annoys me now and switched to Heart London where they play songs from the 70s through to recent pop music, it’s a lot of cheese but I get to sing along while I’m cooking/tidying at home and I’ve now decided I don’t care what others think 😉

    1. Emily Tealady Post author

      Ha yes, I don’t care what others think, just my cool persona! I like heart actually. I like a good mix of music really just when I drive around I want to party! Haha x

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  8. Carie

    Oh that made me chuckle – I’ve been on Radio Two for years but then with Chris Evans on the breakfast show it’s just reliving my youth so I can still be cool in my head – not that I ever really was!

  9. Kate Williams

    Oh I totally know what you mean! Personally I still get a nasty shock everytime I read notices for young mums groups and realise they’re not aimed at me. I’m 34. I’m certain I was young….


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