Blog Everyday in August: Something New

For today’s Blog Everyday in August, the theme is Something New.

Something New: Cloth Nappies!


I am going to talk about my new cloth nappies! I have decided to give cloth a go because it is much better for the environment, and it is cheaper than disposable nappies!

On advice of some of my followers on twitter, I bought some ‘preloved’ nappies from some facebook groups. My first issue was, which nappies to go for? And on these groups there are a lot of people asking the same sort o questions, and a lot of helpful people giving answers!

I decided to go with the brand I had wanted to buy from originally: Totsbots Easyfits. They looked easy, similar to disposable, and I could understand how they worked, and how to wash them etc. People keep bombarding you with information, and different brands, but on these groups people are selling practically every brand you can think of, so you could buy one of each brand and see which is best.

I bought 6 preloved nappies, Totsbots version 2, for £30 which I thought was pretty good. They were lovely, clean with no stains. I was seriously impressed. I had to wash them at 60 degrees and let them dry before I used them.

I have also bought some patterned nappies as they look so cute! I just need to wash these now.

I have started to use them, although I don’t have quite enough yet to do it for more than 1 day, and then wash them. So far though I must say that they are no different to disposable! They hold in the wee/poo really well, and in fact I think the poo is much easier to clean up with a cloth nappy. Washing them has been really easy, and all the stains have been washed out, I am using own brand non-bio and its working a treat!

I am planning on writing another post soon about our cloth nappy experience. But so far these new nappies have been a big hit!


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6 thoughts on “Blog Everyday in August: Something New

  1. Kim Carberry

    With my two they’re 5 & 10 now….I never even thought of using cloth nappies….I didn’t use the internet as much so never really knew anything about them….If I could do it all over again I would probably use them!!
    Sounds like it’s going well for you! Good luck with them x

  2. alex

    I really love totsbots easyfits. I’m giving cloth a go this time as well. I don’t use them every day. I don’t find I get as long out of cloth nappies but can usually get 3 hours which isn’t bad!

  3. Carie

    I love the cuteness of cloth nappies – plus they look nicer under pretty summer dresses. I would suggest a dishwasher safe plastic spatula as a useful tool if you don’t want to use liners – you can put the spatula through the washing machine with the nappies.


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