Blog Everyday in August: Five Favourite Blogs

Here are my Five Favourite Blogs. It was really hard to choose these five – for other blogs I love check out My Favourite Blogs Page.

1. Instinctive Mum

I love this blog. I love the layout, the definitions before each post, and the content. I have found it humbling and emotional reading Instictive Mum’s insights into her Post Natal Depression and her therapy and recovery. I love her posts about believing in yourself and following your instincts.

2. Mum In The South

This blog makes me laugh. This blog has me laughing to myself, even after I have read it, to many an odd look. Ericka, the lady behind this blog, is a wonderful person and I was so glad I got to meet her at Britmums. Her dry sense of humour is right up my street, and her insights into parenting are spot on.

3. Mums Make Lists

I love this blog. If you need to find out any information about pregnancy, parenting, or anything related this site is for you. I love the Friday baby shower – If you haven’t already do go and join in!

4. Secrets of the Sandpit

This is a lovely blog. I really connect with a lot of what Judith writes and sometimes we blog on similar subjects. She is also writing some great stuff abiut reinventing education with Clean Slate.

5. Life According to Mrs Shilts

Me and Emma had our babies at a similar time and so I find it really interesting to see what she and her gorgeous boy have been up to. I identity a lot with what emma writes about regarding being a mum and issues such as confidence anxiety going back to work.

So there are my top 5. Go and take a look!

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