Blog Every Day in August: A Photo of Us

Blog Everyday in August: A Photo of Us

A photo of us, so you say? Who is us? In this instance, I think it is my family.

This is the first photo I can find of my family, taken when Bubs was a few weeks old. I look terrible in it, I was having a hideous time trying to breastfeed at the time, but I like this picture. It reminds of where I was, and where I am now. How far we have come in the last 6 months. I look so vulnerable, worried, and not very confortable holding Bubs. Nowadays I throw her around the room with ease! (Note: I don’t actually throw her around the room).


 Those first few weeks were so precious, yet at the same time so very hard. Everyone said it would get easier, and you know, it did. I just didn’t believe it at the time!

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One thought on “Blog Every Day in August: A Photo of Us

  1. Dawn Frazier

    That’s a lovely family photo. I have pictures of me just after I had my son and I wouldn’t want too many people to see them! It’s true that these pictures are a reminder of how much we achieve after our lives are turned upside down!


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