365 Project Weekly Round Up 1-4 Jan

I have decided to join the 365 Project run by The Boy and Me. The idea is to take a photo a day. I have decided to take a photo a day and then post a weekly round up. This week, my photos are terrible. I kept forgetting to take any! So I have managed to find ones I took on each day. Slightly random, but I guess it gives am glimpse into my everyday life!

On the 1st, I took this photo of this massive box of chocolates. I was joking with some pals on twitter that I needed to eat them all before I could start my new year diet, which I am really determined to do!

On the 2nd, I was back to work. This is a photo a me, half ready for work, giving Bubs her bottle. I’m finding it a real struggle to get ready and to work on time, and I also felt rather low that day as I really didn’t want to go to work, as My partner and Bubs were at home.

On the 3rd, this is me, after work, chilling with a cuppa. I took what I could see in front of me, it was a rainy day, and is felt so glad to be back home and that it was the weekend.

On 4th, this is my partner and Bubs. We had just been playing all together, enjoying the time together on a Saturday (he works a lot of weekends). It’s just a complete quick shot, capturing a moment.

Anyway, I promise to get better at taking more interesting photos. But at least I have managed to take one every day so far!


9 thoughts on “365 Project Weekly Round Up 1-4 Jan

  1. jenny paulin

    hello Emily hope you are ok. I too ahve been eating up all thre naughty things in my house so i can start a clean and healthier slate tomorrow!! Good luck with your diet. xx

    1. Emily Tealady Post author

      Thanks you! Yes I hope i can remember to keep taking them! I guess I’d just like to take a few more interesting pics, I’m looking forward to seeing how things change! X

  2. TheBoyandMe

    What do you mean ‘more interesting’? What’s more interesting than chocolate and your family? ;-)

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    (Would you be able to make the pictures a little bigger please as it’s a bit tricky to see them. Sorry to ask.)
    TheBoyandMe recently posted…Sunday 12th January 2014My Profile


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