A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke Bahlsen Book Club Review

A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke is this month’s Bahlsen Book Club Review.

Here’s the Blurb:

A Single Breath-1

The deeper the water, the darker the secrets

There were so many times I thought about telling you the truth, Eva. What stopped me was always the same thing…

When Eva’s husband Jackson tragically drowns, she longs to meet his estranged family. The journey takes her to Jackson’s brother’s doorstep on a remote Tasmanian island. As strange details about her husband’s past begin to emerge, memories of the man she married start slipping through her fingers like sand, as everything she ever knew and loved about him is thrown into question. Now she’s no longer sure whether it was Jackson she fell in love with – or someone else entirely…

The truth is, it was all a lie . . .

This book gets right into the story and from there on the twists and turns of the plot unwind. At first it appears to be a simple story of a woman grieving at the loss of her husband in tragic circumstances, but the story unravels and it becomes so much more than that. Eva, so distraught at the loss of her husband, travels to Tasmania (where he was from, but where they had never visited together) to meet the people who knew and loved Jackson. But from there she starts to learn things about Jackson she never knew before. I really enjoyed this book, and the quick pace helped to keep things interesting. I loved the fact it was set in Tasmania and I loved the descriptions of the area. Eva is a likeable character, and you soon start to empahsise with her and her situation. The main characters are well developed and you get to know them as the story unfolds. It would have been very easy for this book to have been quite predictable, but Lucy has written this in a way that the twists and turns do take you by surprise. I found the story realistic and believable, even tho some aspects of the story were out of the ordinary. It made me think how in this day and age, it is so easy to meet people and perhaps never really know their past, their life before they met you. I thought it was a great idea for a book which was really well executed.



I was sent a copy of A Single Breath as part of the Bahlsen Book Club. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Week on Wednesday

Well after a little holiday, here I am, back on Wednesday. It’s been a lovely week and I am very relaxed and chilled – wonder how long that’ll last!

My we


We have been on holiday this last week to Menorca. It was really lovely, a beautiful place and it was great to look out on my balcony and see the sea. We had a lovely time together as a family, and spent plenty of time at the pool and Bubs loved to be in the pool – she was in her element and she quickly got the hang of her arm bands, floating in the pool and kicking her legs, managing to sort of doggy paddle around the pool! We went al inclusive and I must say it was a great idea, we didn’t have to worry about money or drinks and food, there was something each of us would eat every day and the quality of the food was good. I managed to read quite a few books and got a lot of sunshine, I am sure it has made a difference to me as I feel so rested and energised. Bubs was brilliant on the plane there and back, and managed to sleep part of the way each time, which was great. She was so lovely, she said “Hola!” to everyone she met and she made friends with a few children too, the first time I have seen her really interact like that with other children. So, yes we had a fab time.


I am really pleased that this week I got the official results of my degree, and I have achieved a 2:1. I am so pleased about this. It has taken me the best part of 13 years to actually get a degree,  after quitting university twice and then going to university to undertake my Nursing diploma, and in all it has taken me 4 years part time study to achieve this degree. It’s the closing of a chapter in my life, tying up loose ends and now I feel I can really move forward with my life and career.

Weight wise, being off work for two weeks has been difficult but in all, over the two weeks I gained 2.5lbs which isn’t too bad I don’t think, especially since I went on an all-inclusive holiday! I am straight back into weight watchers now, and I am glad, I was craving ‘normal’ food by the end. I have a few ideas for my lunch and am determined to get right back on track. There are a few of us on twitter who are on weight watchers and its nice to have a bit of back up!


I have read so many books on holiday, and I feel really good about it! I really enjoyed reading ‘We are All completely Beside ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler which was such a good book. I really don’t want to say anything about it other than read it! I was really glad to see that it was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I also read A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke which was my Bahlsen Book Club read this month. It was a really good book, loads of twists and suspense, the perfect holiday book for me. I also read Before We Met which was a good book, but was a bit more predictable. I also read Mothers Ruined by Aimee Horton, who is also a blogger. It was such a funny book, totally relateable to me as a mum to a toddler. I was really laughing out loud.


Bubs is growing up, its so weird to see her chatting away, and she is saying more and more, and little sentences too. I can understand what she says although I doubt other people can at times! She is very clingy for me at the moment, and wants to be with me all the time. I feel sorry really for her Dad, although I am sure his time will come soon! She is getting really good at eating her meals now, she is eating much more and is also using her spoon and fork most of the time, which is great. She is also starting to drink really well from her ‘normal’ cup, although we still get occasional times when she decides to spit it all out or pour it all over herself!


I was desperate for a cuppa on holiday, there was not a good cup of tea in sight! Now I’m back here, I am enjoying my cuppas again.

About Being on A Diet

Being on a diet, or healthy living plan, or whatever you want to call it, sort of takes over your life. You change before your very eyes. Suddenly, you’re talking about what cheese is the lightest and how many haribos you can eat for 1 point. Here’s 10 observations I have made about being on a diet – let me know yours as well!


1. Healthy Things Cost Money

Trying to stick to your healthy eating plan? Want a life? You go out, you choose your salad. you’re congratulating yourself on your wise choice, then you realize your salad costs more than the non-healthy option. you lose weight, but are poor, or you are fat, and can afford to eat salad – its one of life’s conundrums.

2. You become addicted to fat TV

Fat: a year to save my life, Super Size vs. Super skinny, biggest loser…there are loads of these shows. And sometimes you may feel a bit smug and/or better as you don’t weigh as much as they do. Even though you’re probably eating a biscuit when you’re watching.

3. Everything becomes Mini

You become obsessed with anything  miniture. Teeny tiny morsels of niceness that you can savour, for about a minute.  Mini Babybels, mini twisters, mini flapjacks are just a few.

4. Sauces

You make sauces out of random household items such as Fanta and a mysterious item called Quark that you have never seen before in your life.

5. Crazy-Ass Recipes

You start following mad recipes such as ‘mushy pea curry’ and start to put baked beans in everything. You make chocolates out of shredded wheat and Nutella out of desperation, and try and make some sort of cake out of pasta.

6. Weigh yourself

When you weigh in the first time, you wear whatever it is you’re wearing. No probs. A few weeks later, you are going to the toilet 3 times, turning around 6 times and touching your nose once whilst wearing a negligee before you stand on the scales.

7. You try and convince yourself initially that walking to the canteen to buy a diet coke is excersize. The next week, you’re breaking your ankle undertaking Insanity with 30 day shred on as background music.

8. It’s all you can talk about

It becomes a total obsession. you want to tell everyone about your points, what you’ve eaten, and how hard it was/how easy it was to eat that Penguin. Instagram is your friend. You may, Er, blog about it too.

9. Wine doesn’t count

Wine doesn’t count. Especially on Fridays. Or Saturdays. It’s like water, or something.

10. Cheat Days Rule

You can’t go on a diet without having weigh-in day as a cheat day. When after you weigh in, you pop next door to the chippy and queue up behind everyone else from the class.

My Week on Wednesday

This week has been a bit pants, really. I have just felt very stressed and not really focussing on anything I want to do. On a positive note, I have started my leave from work and had my little sister to stay, so not all bad.

My we


I went to see my Dad on Saturday, for his 70th birthday. We had a little get together in the afternoon, and then went out for dinner in the evening. We went to The Harbour Inn in Lyme Regis, his favourite restuarant and Lyme Regis is also one of his favourite places. It was lovely to see him, and spend some time with him and other members of my family. The only issue I had was that my partner and Bubs had to leave early and go all the way back home to Bristol, as Bubs would not have made it through the evening dinner.

On Sunday, we drove back to Bristol with my little sister in tow. She has been staying the lat few days, and its been nice to see her and spend a bit of time with her. Now she’s 18, it can be really obvious the differences between her and other people her age; She bought a colouring book and a frozen CD on Monday, and she has really enjoyed using them. I guess it has just made me see how different her life will be from mine.

Today, we have been to Wild Place, a wildlife park in Bristol. It was a lovely relaxing time actually and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone there.

I am now on annual leave from work and don’t have to go back for a few weeks. It’s lovely to feel I don’t have to go back soon, and I get a proper break. I haven’t had two weeks off work for years! We are off to Menorca next week and I really can not wait. I do need to start packing though….

Bought some fab Primark bargains this week. I got these leggings for £3 and I couldn’t be happier with them! I also got a couple of summer dresses to take on holiday.

Weight wise, things have been a bit of a nightmare this week. Dinner out on saturday was tough, but I stuck to my guns and just had a steak with salad, no chips and no pudding. It was the drink though that really undid me; if I had stuck to diet coke I would have been fine. I know I need to enjoy myself, but I have really seen this week that, actually, alcohol is not the be all and end all. I love a glass of wine or two, but that’s where it is going to stop (not that I drink excessively anyway but last Saturday was rather silly!) I just have to see how I go on Friday and then as I have my holiday, I think I will need to just be sensible and when I get back really tackle it.

Food wise has also been an issue with my sister here. She loves going out for lunch, but she’ll only eat certain things. Like burgers, pizza or chicken nuggets. So trips to McDonalds and other fast food joints have been made. I have made healthy choices where I can, but what I have realised recently is that it costs so much more to choose the healthy version! What’s that about?! Having a salad would have been £4 more expensive than the burger we had yesterday. When you are on a budget, these things do matter and I have had to sometimes make a financial decision over a healthy one. That’s not fair in my mind. After all, a salad can’t cost more than a burger and chips to make?!


I have finished We Were Liars and I enjoyed this book, although I wonder if I missed the point somewhere. I liked the ending but I don’t know if I would have called it a ‘shocking’ twist. I have now started a book called The Poet’s Wife which I am going to review next – it’s sounding good so far!


Bubs has had a lovely week, but we are still having issues with sleep. Things have improved somewhat, but we are still having days when she doesn’t nap, and therefore goes to sleep early, and also days when it is really tricky to get her to go to sleep. We have stopped using her winnie the pooh projector as although at one point, this did help her get to sleep, now it seems to wake her up!

She is eating much better and really has taken to the spoon/spork this week. She has been eating couscous and vegetables, veggie fajitas, quorn Bolognese and lentil pasta and seems to be really enjoying them! The chocolate obsession seems to be waning and we are back on the fruit yogurts again. I am enjoying sharing mealtimes with her at the moment.

She is talking so much, and saying new words all the time. So many little phrases and sentences are emerging, such as ‘look ___(at object such as stick/flower)’ ‘ I/Me Eat’ and she is also pointing at things and asking their name, or telling me their name. She has also started to sing ‘EIEIO’ and a little bit of baa baa black sheep, which is mixing it up a little from ABC and Twinkle Twinkle!

I can’t wait (and slightly dreading) taking her on holiday, it will be so lovely to be just us three together, and I am looking forward to seeing her in the pool.


This week I have been loving some Pukka Tea I was sent to review. Clean Green Tea and Morning Time – both are lovely and just what I need to help with my water intake and stop me having too much tea and milk.

What I’ve Read…August

This month has seemed to last forever but I have only managed 2 books! I am hoping this month I will get a few more under my belt as I have 2 weeks off work! Here is what I have read in August:

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

The blurb of this book intrigued me, I must admit I hadn’t seen much of the hype around this book, so wasn’t sure what to expect. The book is written in a different style, almost poetic and the way the sentences are structured are different. It is like seeing the thoughts inside someone’s head.

This book centres on the Sinclair Family, namely, the four older grandchildren nicknamed the ‘Liars’ by their family. The Sinclairs are an old, traditional aristocratic family who have that stiff upper lip and don’t take to outsiders. They have a family name to uphold. They spend each summer at their own family island. Each family has a house on the island, and this is where the Liars meet each year and spend their summers together. One of the Liars, is Gat, who is a friend of Johnny, the oldest grandson. He is an outsider, and there is definitely a marked difference in how he is treated by Cady’s Grandfather,the head of the family.

Cady and Gat meet, and a friendship grows and develops into a romance. This is not what Cady’s grandfather expects, and their romance seems to start the chain of events which lead to Cady’s accident, where she is found on the beach in her underwear. She can not remember the details of her accident, and suffers amnesia. Her treatment is long and she doesn’t return to the island for two summers. When she at last returns, and wants answers to her questions, she finally learns the shocking truth.

I feel like I may have missed something with this book. As soon as it ended, I had a sneaking suspicion perhaps I’d missed the point or that there was another subplot I hadn’t worked out. The plot builds tension and suspense well, and the final reveal is one which I didn’t see coming until right up until the end. I enjoyed this book, it was short, snappy and to the point, which also added to the detached and unemotional tone of the Sinclair family. I felt the book worked well, and the big reveal is quite a shock. It made me rethink what I thought of most of the characters.

I am not sure I liked the character of ‘cady’ or cadence well. She narrates the novel, and so we see things from her perspective. Things are muddled and confused, and this sense of confusion is heightened by her use of hyperbole and exaggeration in her descriptions. None of the characters are particularly likeable but I felt drawn to them in some way. I didn’t feel there was much character development of the Liars which I felt was a shame – I didn’t feel very much for these characters. But then maybe that’s the point.

This is a gripping, not to long read and I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva.

This is a great book, a really interesting plot and the tension is kept going throughout. I wanted to know what had really happened and the story is slowly revealed until the ending. I liked this book, the ending was different and I liked the way the book was concluded. It was a different approach to this kind of book which I liked.

Full review of The Stolen Girl can be found here.

Time for Tea!

I was recently sent some wonderful Pukka Tea by the Nutrition Centre to review. I love trying new tea, and love having herbal tea at work, as it keeps me focused and alert.

I was also sent this really useful information about different herbal teas and their benefits, and I thought my readers may find this interesting too! I have Clean Green Tea and also Morning Time to review which is a mix of roobios, honeybush and red ginseng. I’ve found it really interesting to read the benefits of this tea, and also some great suggestions for other teas to try.

I’m currently getting my kettle boiling and a review will be on the blog soon so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, here is the article by The Nutrition Centre for you to enjoy:

Time for tea: The 7 best herbal teas

Drinking tea has been a British tradition for decades, from the traditional dark builders brew to ‘new-age’ herbal teas.
We all know a good cuppa makes you feel warm and relaxed inside, but there are also significant health benefits associated with certain types of tea. Here are a range of herbal teas and their benefits:

• Peppermint Tea – Peppermint tea has a lovely minty, refreshing taste and has many health benefits. Peppermint tea is a great natural treatment for stomach ailments such as bloating and gas, it also acts as an appetite suppressant and helps to boost your metabolism. On top of all this peppermint tea acts as a natural stress reliever and the menthol present in the tea acts as a muscle relaxant, helping relieve stress. Drunk before bed, it can help aid sleep and make you dream more vividly than normal! Try crushing fresh mint leaves into hot water and adding sugar for a lovely reviving drink.

• Camomile Tea – Camomile tea has a gentle, calming and sedative effect. Perfect for aiding sleep and relaxation, this tea is made from flowers and is great for people suffering from insomnia. It is also used to aid digestion post meals. Chamomile is recommended for cases of bronchitis and bad coughs or for a cold or fever, as it’s soothing effects help ease tickles. Try Clipper Organic Camomile tea for the best night’s sleep of your life.

• Ginger Tea – Ginger tea is a great digestive aid and is used to curb feelings of nausea, vomiting or upset stomachs due to motion sickness. Ginger tea can be created by simmering a piece of root ginger on the stove for 10-15 minutes and adding lemon and honey. The addition of lemon and honey is a powerful germ-fighting combination and can be used to help with the symptoms of the common cold. But if boiling root ginger seems a bit too much like hard work, give Pukka Three Ginger Tea a go to soothe belly ailments.

• Green Tea – Green tea has a slightly bitter taste, but is more delicate in flavour when compared to black tea. This tea contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine per cup and is jam-packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants are called catechins and can help protect against some types of tumours and cancers. Green tea is often dubbed the ‘wonder herb’ and has been used for centuries to help with brain function, weight loss and prevent diseases. Try Pukka herbal teas Clean Green Tea to give yourself a quick boost.

• Liquorice Tea – liquorice tea is one of the most underappreciated teas with so many of its health benefits generally unknown to most tea drinkers. Mainly digestive, liquorice tea works as a mild laxative and helps relive constipation, it also helps protect the stomach lining. It has anti-inflammatory properties which ease the pain of arthritis and significantly eases pre-menstrual tension as well as being a substitute for St Johns Wort which is used to treat low blood pressure. Try Teapigs Hush Liquorice tea for a little lift.

• Rooibos Tea – This tea is high in vitamin C, as well as other minerals. An easy drinking tea with a light flavour, it is largely grown in South America and has been touted for its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants are claimed to help ward off disease and the signs of aging. It has also been shown to help common skin concerns such as eczema. Give Clipper Organic Rooibos tea a go and reap the benefits.

• Black Tea – Black tea is the most common variety of tea and accounts for about 75 percent of global tea consumption! Black tea has a slightly bitter taste and contains the most caffeine (about 40mg per cup). It has a high concentration of the antioxidant compounds called theaflavins and thearubigins which have been linked to lower levels of cholesterol. Try East India Company’s black tea and ditch the coffee for that caffeine boost!

Clare Galpin is the MD at Nutrition Centre, an online health supplements brand who’ve recently celebrated 40 years in the industry!

I was sent some Pukka Tea by The Nutrition Centre in order to undertake a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

My Week on Wednesday. On Friday. Ahem


My we

Well, this week seems to have flown past. I also can barely remember what I have done this week! As you may have realised, today is Friday, not Wednesday. Everything has taken twice as long to do this week for some reason (mainly Bubs related – see below!)


I have started a new job this month, well, it’s a secondment but its in a role I haven’t done before. I am quite excited by this, there are a lot of changes happening at the moment and it’s been good to get involved in something new, and to challenge my brain a bit.

My sister has moved in with us as a temporary measure.  She has moved from London for various reasons, and I am glad I could help her out with my spare room. It is nice to have her around, actually. Having someone else in the house though is a big change and trying to get used to her, and all her stuff, is a little trying at times! It’s been a first good week though, and I am looking forward to having a few girly nights in with her (and hopefully a few nights out!). oh, and hopefully she will babysit for me too!

I am still going strong with my weight watchers, and whilst I have lost weight this week, it is still only a small loss (half a pound). I don’t mind as long as the numbers don’t go up, but I really would like to see a few more knocked off the scales soonish! I haven’t started any activity yet but it is high on my list of things to get sorted as soon as possible. I need to move!


I have read a great book this week, We Were Liars. It is a book about a family, and the main narrator of the book is Cady, who is one of the grandchildren, whom everyone calls the Liars. After an accident occurs, Cady tries to put the pieces together as to what happened to her in Summer Fifteen. A great read and one that kept me thinking and wondering until the end! I feel like I need to read it again now though!

I also finished reading The Stolen Girl – and I have written a review here. I really enjoyed this book, another one with tension and wondering what has happened until the end!

Another exciting book related thing is that I have been invited to a real life book club! The Library on Cheltenham Road in Bristol is a lovely new wine bar, and they are keen to start a book club! Wine and books sound like a fabulous combination to me! The first book club is on 3rd September at 4.30pm so if you are local, then please come along! Read more about the book club here.


Bubs is amazing me every day with her words. She is using two word sentences and it seems like new words are added to her vocabulary on a daily basis. With new words, and new learning, comes new frustrations, and new challenges for us.

This week, it has all been about naps. Not napping, or napping and then not wanting to sleep in the evening. We had two days with no naps, and then 5pm bedtimes. We have had days with two hour naps, and then 9pm bedtimes. I feel completely tired, and knackered. I don’t get any time in the evening to blog, or to do anything I want to really.

One good thing, is that the last few days she has started to eat better, we have had a few weeks now with her being ultra fussy with food. Yesterday she just picked up her spoon and ate all her dinner! She has had a good day today with food aswell,

Tonight, I am lucky. She has gone to sleep before 8.30pm – so we’re making progress. I am just sticking to the routine, being consistent, not bringing her downstairs at all, and it seems to be working. Hence why I can write my wednesday post on a friday night!


I have some lovely Pukka Tea to try and review on the blog soon, and I also have another tea-related drink coming soon. Watch this space!

The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva Book Review

I was so happy to review the next book by the wonderful Renita D’Silva. After reading The Forgotten Daughter, I am a big fan of her style of writing.

The Stolen Girl Cover

Here’s the blurb:

Your mother has been arrested. She stole you.’

For as long as thirteen-year-old Diya can remember, it’s always been just her and her mum, Vani. Despite never staying in one place long enough to call it home, with her mother by her side, Diya has never needed anything else. 

Then, in an instant, Diya’s fragile world is shattered. Her mother is arrested, accused of abducting Diya when she was a baby…

Vani has spent a lifetime looking over her shoulder, determined to make the best possible life for her daughter. Now she must fight for her child, re-opening the door to her childhood in India and the woman who was once as close to her as a sister.

Told through the eyes of Diya, Vani and Aarti, this is a heart-breaking story of friendship and betrayal, love and motherhood, which asks the question; how far would you go to protect your only child?

The book starts off right in the middle of the action: Diya’s Mum is arrested for kidnapping Diya; Diya is taken into foster care and from here she has to try and figure out what has just happened with her life. She is told that her real Mother is here in the UK and wants to meet her – she feels a whole range of emotions as she tries to come to terms with her past, and also, her present. We see this event from three perspectives: Diya’s, Vani, whom she knows as her Mother, and Aarti, who claims to be her real mother. We get flashbacks of the past and the book keeps the tension tight throughout, as the secrets of the past are revealed.

Again, as with The Forgotten Daughter, this book is just poetic and so descriptive; you really feel part of the moment. Each character has opportunity to develop and you get to know them as you read on. I found the story of Vani and Aarti really interesting – the dynamics of the relationship and how two people could feel ‘bound’ to one another. It is easy initially to feel you could predict what has happened but I found I was surprised by parts of the story. I enjoyed the way the story is told in different perspectives, and using this method just makes you want to read more as extra parts of the puzzle are put together.

A few comments I would make are that Diya is 13 years old; however I felt her ‘voice’ at times to be a little older. This didn’t matter to me as part of the story, just an observation I made as I read – she is a mature 13 year old but her vocabulary at times just sounds older. I also felt at times, things were slightly repetitive, which was a little frustrating as I just wanted to find out more! These are just little comments however and the book was still really engaging and readable.

I really liked the ending of this book; it takes you by surprise, and I felt it was a different approach to these types of stories. I felt that it was a positive ending, from something that could have been quite negative, or feel a little one-sided. I could understand why the ending could be this way.

For me, this book is all about Motherhood, having a child, what you would do for your child and also how you can influence your children. It is also about letting go of the past, forgiveness and moving forward.

This book is a great read, and would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I can’t wait to read more from Renita in the future.

The Stolen Girl by Renita D’Silva is published by Bookouture on 12 September.

I was sent an electronic version of the book in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Weight Update: Week 7

I am really enjoying my Weight Watchers at the moment.  7 weeks in, and I am still going strong. I feel very happy and really in the moment. I have been cooking a lot more meals, and I am trying my best to count every thing I eat. I have my little blips, though, and I am starting to see where I have gone wrong in the past. I have bad days, though, not bad I guess but just more foody than others.

So, I have now lost 11lbs. I am down into a new stone bracket, and that feels fab. I had a bit of a disappointing weigh-in today as I stayed the same this week, after I thought I did well. I can only think that I have nibbled a little too much and not counted this, as sometimes I do pick a little. I am very pleased I haven’t put any on though, in 7 weeks. I sometimes think that when I go down a stone bracket, it’s as if my body needs some time to adjust!

I also need one thing I need to do: Get off my arse and excercise. I need to move around more. I have moved jobs recently and I am definitely not as active. I would like to start running, or jogging, or something (free) to do. I quite like swimming as well. I just need to plan a time to go, and make time to get active. I’m pretty sure this is a big reason for staying the same this week.

I’m looking up Simple Start, and think I’ll give that a go next week, for a week. I was going to try this week, but I know I will have a few lunches or meals out this bank holiday weekend and I can manage this better with the propoints.

Body wise, I am losing centimetres! I have lost 3 centimetres from my hips, 8 from
my bust, and 5 from my thighs. I can feel my clothes are looser, and I can see my face looks a bit thinner in the mirror. I have a long way to go but this is a good motivator to me.


I’ve made some lovely healthy meals this week, so glad I am back to cooking from scratch, a few weeks ago I had a bit of a bad week where most of the meals were out of packets, and I can say I really did not feel good at all. We’ve had:

Tofu stir fry with noodles (12pp)red-pepper-lentil-chilli-5pp-propoints

Veggie curry with noodles (10pp)

spicy Roasted vegetable soup (2pp a portion)

lentil and red pepper chilli (5pp a portion)

veggie fajitas (including 2 tortilla wraps, cheese, refried beans, sour cream) (15pp)





As usual, my favourite snacks this month have been some great findsweightwatchers-friendly-snacks-propoints

Fab Ice Lolly – 2 propoints

Freddo – 3pp

Mikado – 1pp for 4 sticks

Mini Twister Ice Lolly – 1pp (bargain!)

Percy Pigs (1pp each)

I really find having a little treat in the evening helps, stops me feeling deprived and once I have had it, I don’t want to eat anything else! Having a 1pp treat in the freezer I think is a great way to ward off any thoughts of sabotaging yourself – with 1pp you feel you have had something but it hasn’t done that much damage!

I am still very motivated, and although it is disappointing I stayed the same this week, I know that next week I can get a good loss. I know what I need to do, so I am going to do it!

If you have any hints and tips, or have started on Simple Start, I’d love to know!

18 Things at 18 Months

Dear Bubs,

Here is a list of some of the things you do now you’re 18 months.

1. You want everything, all the time
2. You don’t like your high chair
3. You’ll eat anything if you think it’s mine
4. You keep asking for chocolate when we never have any in the house
5. You have acquired an obsession with peppa pig
6. You like to say “please” and usually blow a big raspberry for the “p” sound
7. You can use an iPad better than I can
8. I had to tell you that you can’t use the TV like an iPad
9. Your favourite songs are ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle
10. Your favourite saying is “it’s all gone!” Or “more please”
11. You like to pretend to sleep and then Jump up and shout “boo!”
12. Favourite toy – well gang of toys – is a Portsmouth FC Duck, Upsy Daisy and Spot the Dog.
13. Favourite books are Noodle loves bedtime (read so much it’s broken!) and a tiger who came to tea
14. You still don’t like eggs, at all
15. You love jumping around the room
16. You like to pretend to drive the car with Daddy
17. You love kicking a ball around the garden
18. You’re always so happy, and smiley. Unless it’s bedtime.


Mumma x